Thursday, November 22, 2007

nom nom nom nom

This little project is possibly the silliest thing I've ever made. It's the shark hat that Leah and I first saw on Ravelry, so we got in touch with the original designer, who was kind enough to give us her rough draft pattern in exchange for feedback, clarification, and any improvements. Leah's knitting one too, but I finished first.

The changes I made were mostly minor, like knitting the hat in the round and changing the decreases to be mirror images. And of course, when there's a beadmaker in the house, he must sometimes expect challenges like making black and dichroic oval beads to use as shark eyes. :-)

The main change I made was to fiddle with the mouth and teeth a bit. Allie, who knit the original, says the felt teeth she used tended to roll up under the brim, and also her ribbing didn't hold to the head as well as she would have liked. I made the ribbing longer and then extended it even further with red, so it stays on the head very well now. After about five tries, I came up with knitted teeth that I'm fairly happy with. The way I finally did them, they didn't have quite enough length, so I added a quick crocheted edge so make them a little more prominent. Only drawback is that they lost some of their pointiness in the process. Maybe on Leah's version, we can improve on this.

Leah is knitting hers for cousin Zach ( telling!). I really had no destination for mine, just knit it because it makes me laugh. Upon completion, though, it occurred to me that it might be just right for a certain bald-headed fisherman. He agrees and is undoubtedly silly enough to wear it in public!

There's a backlog of finished objects here, so more to come now that I've taken advantage of some daylight to take pics.

Meanwhile, lookie who's on the Philosopher's Wool Picture Yourself Here section (first row of From You to Us) again!

While the title of this post is suitable for the sharky head-munchy content, I'll sign off with another fitting animal noise for the day. :::gobble, gobble, gobble::: Happy Thanksgiving, U.S. friends!
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Anonymous suse said...

what a fabulous hat, I know a few kids who would like one of those!

7:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel like I already commented here...
great hat! Can't wait to see morepeople knitting it up!

6:27 AM  

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