Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Remember a few days ago, when Scott and Leah were spinning one evening? Here's what they were spinning (L from Sereknity, R from The Painted Sheep):

And when I walked into my mom's room at the rehab place (for therapy after total knee replacement) the next day, here are the flowers on her windowsill:

Kind of cool how the colorways echo each other, isn't it?

And tonight I will be holding these handspun skeins close to my heart, staring out the window, and dreaming of my dear family, so far away at a friend's beach house in Rhode Island. :::sniff sniff:::

bwahaha! They really are having a blast with friends for a sleepover at a beach house, but anybody who knows me knows my evening is more likely to involve Magic Hat #9, rockin' tunes, and doing whatever the heck I want, without interruption or anybody requesting anything of me. YaHOOOOOO! Posted by Picasa


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