Thursday, March 29, 2007


Yes, that's what this week has felt like, a tempest. It started with the calendar looking pleasingly plump -- check-ups scheduled with the doctor for three of us, plans with friends, health department inspection for the bakery, etc. -- and then I was asked to do 24 hours worth of extra work in the first three days. I managed to pull that off, keep up to speed with the usual other work, have a physical, get some work done on my car, and mostly recover from the bronchitis that has been plaguing me for the past week or so. We also celebrated a gloriously spring-like day with a campfire dinner one evening and even made it to a free performance of The Tempest at the Hartt School. The show started with a spectacular ship-in-a-storm scene, of course, and I couldn't help but think of the ocean waves when Scott showed me this newest set of glass buttons. These ones are flat on top, not domed with clear glass as he had done on previous buttons. He also made these with a boro loop shank, instead of metal loops, because the metal loops weren't staying secure. (We'll try pre-made shanks epoxied to the button back for those ones.) These are borosolicate glass (pyrex), so they should be plenty strong, but we wanted to test them. Scott dropped a bunch of them onto the concrete floor in the basement from 5'6" height and they all survived that first round of durability testing.

If you think you could use them or the other buttons, just let us know and we'll send them to you for free, in exchange for some feedback on how they work out for you.
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Blogger Lorraine said...

The buttons are gorgeous. I'm not sure how you'd like them tested but I'd do whatever you'd like. I think you still have my snail mail info.

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