Friday, December 08, 2006

a knitter's view of the Festival of Trees

We visited the Festival of Trees at the Wadsworth Atheneum earlier this week. Oh, sure, there were folksy trees and sparkling trees, touching decorations and whimsical ones, traditional items and some that were way off the beaten path, but what were the ones a knitter photographed?

A goofily Scrooge-like sheep...

tiny bears with so many hand knit sweaters, scarves, and hats... and a wreath made of balls of yarn, with knitting needles stuck in here and there!
The red dot on the identification card indicates that the items have sold (as a fundraiser for the Atheneum), so apparently I'm not the only one who thought these things were a fun change of pace. And yes, we were happy to see that our Creativitree also had a red dot on its tag.Posted by Picasa


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