Friday, November 10, 2006

evolution of an icicle

We thought it would be fun to make some glass icicles for the xmas tree we're donating to the Atheneum. Scott started with some long, thin cuts of sheet glass and ended up with some seriously fat corkscrews, as you can see on the left.

We agreed that he needed some help, so I found a lampwork icicle tutorial. With this info, he was able to make the group of four that you see in the center.

But we decided that borosilicate glass would be a better choice for icicles because otherwise they might be too delicate. So he dug around in his stash and found the boro starter pack he received as a gift from Wale Apparatus at one of his lampworkers' group get-togethers. This is only a starter sampler, so he didn't have a lot to work with, and he doesn't have a lot of experience with boro, in general, but he managed to get a few decent icicles out of it.

Now there are rumors that this house is in need of more borosilicate glass. Ah yes, wise move, Wale Apparatus, giving out that little teaser, like any good pusher. "Here, just try it. You won't get hooked, really." :::wink, wink, nudge, nudge::: And the next thing you know, Scott's eyes are glazed over and he's heading for a quick fix from the closest pusher, Plumgully. ;-)Posted by Picasa


Blogger JoVE said...

But it makes BEAUTIFUL shiny pretty things :-)

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