Tuesday, October 17, 2006

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were in paris! notre dame today. wow is this place beautiful! hqve gone by subway qnd bus; and walked for miles; including q long zqlk qlong the Seine qnd 422 stairs to the top of Notre Dame tower. I think that,s more stairs thqn bruneleschis dome:

cqn you tell thqt I,m q professionql trqnscriptionist? No fair moving qll the keys around!!

will visit mona; venus, and the tall pointy thing tomorrow; but ze got q good viez of it fro, the top of notre dq,e todqy:

if youùre hqving q little trouble reqding this ,essqge; it gives you q clue hoz ze feel trying to bumble our way around this city: itùs q fun puwwle to decipher. too tired to fix typos: more lqter; but for noz I zill publier le ,essqge; such qs it is: ha!

clues: q=a


Blogger Lorraine said...

Oo la la! Have a delightful time! With jealousy -

8:27 PM  

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