Wednesday, October 25, 2006

nouveau message

somehow we missed something we wanted to see in holland because we thought it was in belgium, so instead we decided to go to luxembourg. Make sense? No, not to us either, but it was a good move. Saw Vianden Castle today, first castle on this trip -- totally worth the hike up the mountain to it and, believe it or not, my legs are barely tired. We were within a few kilometers of Germany, so kidlunch included weiner schnitzel, of course! Most beautiful train rides.

Back to Paris in the morning so we can spend our last evening here having dessert on the Trocadero during 9ç00-10ç00, when the Eiffel Tower sparkles. Then home, and weàre all ready. Looking forward to getting back to work, so we can get some rest!

This keyboard is closest to normal (for me) to date, but I still had to ask for help to find out how to make an (at) symbol.

See you all soon!


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