Sunday, October 22, 2006

amsterdam & brugge

amsterdam is crazeeeeee! we liked it anyway, but so diff. from the other pllaces we've been. glad to have visited there now because if the kids were older and more aware, it might have been a bit more uncomfortable in places. ;-)

in brugge, belgium now. love it here. just had an awesome day of lacemaking, cathedrals, chocolatiers, cafes, art, candymaking (where fireworks went off in our brains -- more on that later). Walking many miles a day, so sore legs, but worth it -- prettier on the cobblestone streets among 1,000+-year-old buildings than on the subway.

I'm in a youth hostel now to use their internet access. Has the usual keyboard setup,but keys are like on a tv remote control, not a regular feel to them at all, so almost as handicapped feeling as when the keys were scrambled.

Bren, Ulla Popkin store in the courtyard around the corner from where we're staying.

to lacemaking museum tomorrow, then to Brussels...we think! woo hoo!


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