Friday, August 25, 2006

the poor peasants

Here we see some poor peasant maidens (Leah and Maisie), huddling near the fire in their log cabin (computer room), wearing their winter woolens (nightgowns from Grandma's cedar chest) to fend off the bitter cold (of mid-August). They just finished stitching handmade lace (cheesy sewing trim from neighbor's basement stash) to their daughters' (dolls) dresses and will sustain themselves with cornmeal and potatoes (chocolate chip cookies) for the remainder of this long, hard winter.

One of the young maidens emerged from her bedstead the next morning to show off the doll quilt she's making. The village elders were not invited to share their knowledge of such matters, as this peasant girl prefers to create her own map as she explores the quilting wilderness. A true pioneer, she is.

Here we have a different day, different pal, probably entirely different scenario. Princesses in a castle, maybe? Ballerinas preparing for a big show? Ice dancers ready to twirl?

Meanwhile, the men of the village foraged for the evening's meal. Here they proudly display the giant fish they, no, it's the lure they managed to retrieve from a tree. Ah, but there is an abundance of water and muck and rocks and small critters, and the Nerf guns are never far away, in case of a bear sighting, so the village's men are quite confident and satisfied.

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Blogger Lorraine said...

LOL - a classic description of a day in the life at our house, lacy dresses, weapons and all.

7:01 AM  

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