Thursday, August 31, 2006


After getting home from the day's adventures, Leah finished her first pair of mittens! These are made from leftover Green Mountain Spinnery yarn from the fair isle hat I made for her (see January archives, but for some reason I can't link directly to the Jan. 4 and Jan. 16 entries about that hat). She used the same pattern I used for my first pair of mittens and is pleased as punch with them.
Jesse, never one to go the easy route and use the drop spindles we already have, decided to make a new drop spindle out of K'nex. Since he's done some spinning himself, he knew what extra little touches were needed, like the hook at the top and the notch on the "whorl," and he also added a place at the bottom to tie his green leader on.
At the end of the evening, we began preparations for going to the upcoming Renaissance Faire with friends. We've heard that it's much better if folks get into the fun at these fairs and wear some sort of period garb. That makes sense...and Halloween's coming. :-) We got one item for our costumes from Goodwill and will get the rest from the clothing swap, and then transform them into something resembling Renaissance garb. This so far has involved a spinning wheel, purple tulle (the wrapping I use for soap bundles), and gold cord that I brought home from Gram's stash when she moved to her apartment. So the fair Maiden Leahvere has begun prancing around the house in her costume and Sir Jesselot requests a red tunic with silver accents, and imagines his dashing self with a thin mustache. I have a feeling we'll be heading to the library for some Gene Kelly flicks soon. Posted by Picasa


Blogger DesertGirl said...

Have so much fun at the RenFair!!!

Shea's cousin is a performer in them in San Fransisco area, and I've gotten to see him in his outfit doing his little jig~ H

10:13 PM  

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