Monday, March 27, 2006

simply weaving

Leah was watching over my shoulder as I clicked through some blogs last night. The picture of a triangular loom here caught her attention, so we read the post together, then headed off for bed. A little while later, I heard her scurry to my office, open and close a desk drawer, then skedaddle back to her room.

She popped up bright and early this morning with these. First try was obviously too loose, but a mighty fine woven piece on second try.

Amazing what a creative kiddo can do with yarn, thumb tacks, a removable wooden shelf, and the time to experiment. :-) Posted by Picasa


Blogger GAndyS said...

She is doing great! How exciting to be inspired in the night to do weaving-by-flashlight! (so to speak)

6:43 PM  
Anonymous Carrie said...

Leah, too cool! I'm thrilled to see that you were inspired by my adventures in weaving. I hope you got some sleep that night! :wink

If you made a bunch of those rectangles in different colors, you could put them together for a nice little sampler blanket or poncho! Or maybe do 3-4 and sew them into a many possibilities!

Thanks for sharing your work.

7:13 PM  

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