Friday, March 31, 2006


This is a followup to post earlier today (see below).

That daVinci info had me poking through our old pictures to see if the spinning wheel was part of the exhibit we saw in Venice or the time we saw it again in Florence. I don't have a picture of it, but here's one of Jesse enjoying the working models at The daVinci Experience in Florence in 2004.

And this, which has nothing to do with anything...I flip through People magazine about once every 5 years. I have no idea what possessed me to pick up a recent issue at one of my clients' offices yesterday. I randomly flipped open to a page and there was a pic of Sharon Stone (who dat, anyway?) standing with this same gladiator guy in front of these same Spanish Steps in Rome. :-)

And if that's all not random enough, I'll add this little tidbit: I believe that this shot was taken only a few hours before Bren's Birkenstock went on its own little trip, all by itself, on the Rome subway train. It's amazing they let people like us leave the safety of our own homes. ha! Posted by Picasa


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