Saturday, April 01, 2006

ode to Leo

All this talk about Leonardo daVinci's contribution to the modern spinning wheel and the next thing you know, Scott decided to give some of our fiber a whirl...whorl. Heh heh. Oh, never mind.

Scroll down to the March 4 entry of this blog to see the loose fiber, bought at Pixie Sticks, that Scott is blending at random intervals to make this yarn. The tencel gives it a beautiful sheen. Scott's down now with the illness that's making its way through our family, and he's finding the slippery tencel to be a bit of a challenge for him, but even he is tickled with the way it's turning out.

While I've been sick this week, all I could muster was the energy to knit on some socks. Couldn't think clearly enough to trust myself with the stranding on my Philosopher's Wool sweater, but socks I could handle. Somewhere in the haze that was this week, I helped Leah cast on for her first pair of socks too, in an awesome purple-green Socks that Rock colorway. And Jesse, in his own creative way and inspired by an Edison bio read earlier this week, is working on a concoction in his laboratory (er, treehouse) that he hopes will eventually become a new power source. He's also working on becoming a golfer and guitarist this week. :-)

Off to pick the Goob up from a sleepover and then to Nutmeg Spinners Guild. Whee !!! Posted by Picasa


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