Thursday, January 26, 2006


This felted wall hanging has been bouncing around the house since before Christmas, waiting for me to get around to finishing it. It had already been felted, but needed to be fulled. Felting is when the fibers are adhered to each other enough to be a cohesive fabric, but fulling is when you add heat and agitation to make the wool shrink and the fabric become much stronger. So I dunked it in hot water, squeezed it out as best I could, put it in a plastic bag, and slammed it on the counter many times, then repeated the whole process a few more times, making much noise and splashy mess and having quite a lot of fun. The finished piece is 2 x 3 ft. and will hang on the wall in the downstairs bathroom, which was renovated in a big way last year. The design was inspired by the Excerpt page of images from Atlantis: The Legend of the Lost City by Christina Balit.

Also put a bunch more jewelry up on Glastonbury Glassworks , continued discussion with a site that's interested in selling our work, and agreed to teach a soapmaking workshop at Pixie Sticks this spring. Finally got a good picture of the Spa bracelet by using the black background again! Scott experimented with applying pixie dust to some new beads. He needs to refine his technique a bit, but ooh, pixie dust shimmers beautifully. After ice skating and archery (where Jesse scored thiiiis close to a perfect bullseye!), Jesse rigged up a contraption with alternating flashing lights and black light that make highlighter ink glow, and Leah spun some of the apple green merino Roz sent home for her on Tuesday. Leah also received an incredibly special letter and gift from Christie at Taqwa Glass in Provincetown, where we spent some time over Thanksgiving. Contentment maximus. Posted by Picasa


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