Saturday, January 21, 2006

Logan's Kiwi adventure

Had a great evening yesterday with our friends at Pixie Sticks. This is Logan, who found great amusement in driving Leah's Kiwi at high speeds, making a breeze, seeing just how far that brake spring would stretch, and exactly how many times he could put his fingers near the whirring hooks before one of them would nip at him.
See that stash of Opal? I was happy to learn that they now have a 6-ply sock yarn, which will make those patterns/colors that I love in socks that are thicker and warmer than their usual. So yup, some of that stash came home with me. Lots of other wooly goodies there that are calling my name too, including Lorna's Laces and some new yarns from New Zealand.

Thanks, Audrey and Ami, for what Leah proclaimed "the best knit nite ever!" Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Audrey said...

Gee, Leah - the "best knit nite ever"? Uh oh. How will we ever equal it?

I personally thought it was wonderful - no stress, so nice - heck, even I got to knit!'ve created a monster. I L.O.V.E. spinning. Already talked to Duane about spinning wheel options. He thinks he should bring one home from New Zealand! I think that might be a bit much, but I'm not complaining!

Thanks guys for making it so easy to enjoy ourselves unconditionally. By the way - I am using the soap. Winter Wind this morning - lovely!

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Ami said...

Great pic! Logan says hi to both of you, and thanks Leah for playing Candy Land so willingly.

5:09 PM  

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