Wednesday, January 25, 2006

another wooly noggin hugger

Made myself a fun little hat at Roz's studio last night. There were 3 feltmaking friends there. Roz, Barb, and Carol were working on strip felting, but I did that last week and one other time too, so I decided to give Beth Beede's hat-on-a-ball technique a try this time. It was so much fun! Now, generally I'm not a hat-wearing kind of person, but I saw some handmade polar fleece hats at the Girdwood Forest Fair while we were in Alaska this summer and I just loved them. Decided to try to recreate their whimsical style in a wet felting application and am tickled by the results. Must make more. :-)

Kids and Scott had another sparkling day at Mystic Aquarium with another family of friends, including a private guided tour of the outdoor exhibits with a staff member who was getting a big kick out of quizzing these 5 kids and marveling at how much they knew about the critters and ocean life. Plans in the works for many more adventures with these folks, as connections were made on so many levels. Posted by Picasa


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