Monday, January 23, 2006


Reasons why:

1. Jesse and Leah: Because they had sleepovers and saw Peter Pan with Grandma this weekend, and because they're looking forward to visits to Old Sturbridge Village and Mystic Aquarium with friends this week.

2. Scott: Because finally we had a home renovation project that didn't turn into an enormous undertaking. Upstairs hall sheetrock is in place and the first layer of joint compound is on. (We're not paying too much attention to how this spiffed up hall will then lead to refinishing all wood floors upstairs and painting the majority of the second floor. Let's just focus on the small victory at hand, shall we?)

3. Debbie: Because I've finally figured out the magic combination of needles (1 size smaller than suggested) and sweater size (smallest pattern option, believe it or not) to get my Philosopher's Wool cardigan solidly underway in a gauge that should fit. And I love it! And because in the past 48 hours I've had fantastic conversations with 3 old friends who are now scattered around the country, and 2 equally fantastic in-person visits with friends locally. Posted by Picasa


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