Monday, January 02, 2006

Spinning in the New Year

We spent the last day of 2005 in good-for-the-soul Vermont. Stopped in for a visit at Green Mountain Spinnery, where the very kind folks gave us a tour and we bought some yummy yarns. Jesse's eyes were big and his gears were turning as he checked out all their equipment. (I knew he'd be ga-ga over it.) He even asked a question about why they don't have an area set up a certain way. The owner gave him a befuddled look and responded, "That's exactly the kind of question that makes us say, 'Hmmm...yes, why don't we have it set up like that?' I'll have to think about that one. If we make that change, I should send you royalties or something." Wool would suffice. :-)

Then on to Adams Family Farm for their Saturday spin-in. Leah was very excited to show off her new spinning wheel and her first two spun bobbins. Gram and mom were along for the jaunt and cozied right in at the fiber loft, which is just about as delightful a place to spend a wintery afternoon as any fiber junkie could ever imagine. We picked out some mohair blends for spinning (there and at home) and everybody oohed and aahed over Leah's accomplishments to date. She, of course, ate it up and has proclaimed Adams Family Farm as her goal destination for life.

Meanwhile, Jesse was in his element in the barn, making pals with a friendly feather-footed chicken, milking goats, playing with kittens, feeding angora goats, and generally palling around with the two folks who oversee the barn activities. Jesse and Scott would pop upstairs to the fiber loft every once in a while and then retreat to their happy place in the barn again.

I have a feeling we'll be making the trek to Adams Farm again soon.Posted by Picasa


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