Friday, December 23, 2005

skipping the hustle, passing on the bustle

Hm. It seems this is another holiday season where we've managed to avoid the all too prevalent frantic rush of pre-Christmas mania. Had Gram here for lunch yesterday afternoon. Kids and Scott played our newest game, Sequence, in the evening while I hung out at the bookstore, knitting and chatting with Paige. And I wasn't knitting in a Christmas-induced rush, either; just working on a simple scarf for the heck of it. No deadlines, no particular destination.

Scott and I are working a bit today, but not too much. Visiting with friends this afternoon, then tonight I think there's a family game night in the works, undoubtedly capped off by more of Little House on the Prairie, our current read-aloud. Funny that for the past two years I've chosen this book at this time of year for its groundedness, and this year the kids chose it.

Peaceful and bright. Festive and joyous. Calm and cozy. With plenty of time for what's important to us. Just the way we like it.

(Woodland Santa stitched by Scott in 1989, his first solo counted cross stitch project.) Posted by Picasa


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