Thursday, December 22, 2005

finish fest

I finished three projects yesterday, but can't show them here (yet). One I'm especially excited about, so pictures will come in a few days.

Meanwhile, this is a pic of the gift we received from Scott's mom on Sunday. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, she does exquisite quilting and we're thrilled to have some of her work. Sorry for the poor quality of the photo, but trust me, this wall hanging is a beauty and the attention to detail is amazing. I'll try to remember to take a better picture now that it's up on the wall.

Otherwise, we're having fun visiting with my grandma. Will take her out to get her hair done today and then who knows where we'll romp, but I'm sure we will. :-)

I'm getting a big kick out of the challenge of keeping this detail a secret from this person and that plan a secret from that one. Whee ! Posted by Picasa


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