Saturday, January 14, 2006

merino lifting us from the muck and mire

My car was back in the shop yet again yesterday. It's out of warranty now and I'm tired of its shenanigans. This one was a biggie, too, to the tune of >$2,500. Which of course was just fabulous news to receive during the month in which I have the lowest work volume (and therefore lowest pay) every year. Thank heavens this one will be covered by VW of America, but boy did that little exercise suck up all my energy for the day. I'd like a vehicle like these women are resting on -- a trustworthy, unpretentious, non-frilly, it'll-get-you-there kind of vehicle (only way smaller and infinitely better on gas, and preferably biodiesel-compatible).

Elizabeth Zimmermann said, "Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises." So that's what we did last night. Scott and Jesse had tix to the hockey game, but Leah and I chose to stick around home, knitting and spinning and reading and chatting and making a little pudding to soothe the soul. Ahhh...

I just might finish the fair isle hat today. Posted by Picasa


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