Sunday, December 11, 2005

They're gaining on me

Scott needs a new winter hat. Jesse's balaclava is too short in the neck. I could sure use a pair of convertible glittens. And Leah needs thick, long socks to wear under her winter boots.

In other words, they're gaining on me. Since I picked up the needles again recently, there's been a steady stream of requests and ideas tossed my way. Some knitters laugh at themselves for insisting on wrapping their friends and family in wooly knitted love; my family actually clamors for it!

Not that I mind. But when you combine their ideas with the neverending fireworks in my own brain, it can be a little overwhelming. But in a good way. I'm not complaining. Except about that darn career that gets in the way of all my fun and forces me to ignore the fireworks show for a while.

Anyway, we are fully festive here now. Scott and the kids went sledding yesterday, then we visited a noncommercial Santa's workshop, then off to find our Christmas tree. The tree is decorated and she's a beauty. Jesse and Leah spent the remainder of the evening oohing and aahing over their favorite ornaments and decorations, laying under the tree and gazing up into the lights while I read them Christmas stories.

Today's picture is of Jesse's Christmas stocking, stitched by Scott over the course of two years. I would never want to tackle this kind of pattern, but Scott loved it and loved the thought of creating this heirloom for his son.

I suppose, by comparison, this makes my little quickie hats/socks/mittens to-do list appear much more achievable. Posted by Picasa


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