Friday, December 09, 2005

Job? What job?

Oh yes, the elves have been busy around here! Much whispering and giggling and scurrying!

Leah's crocheting and boondoggling (making lanyards) and wrapping and ribboning everything in sight.

Scott and I made nearly 100 bars of soap to donate for the senior citizens' holiday party in town. You can see some of them here, but they're not nearly so spam- and kermit-like as they may appear. This is how I use up scraps from other soap batches through the year and they actually look quite festive all together. We have a few more dozen bars to make and will tint them different colors, and then a couple of the seniors tie ribbons around them all and folks at the party get a bar or two to take home as a party favor.

Took the next step on almost-finished secret thing. If you're NOT Scott, you can click here to see the secret. One more step to reach completion.

Sewed the lampwork buttons on Bren's black wool coat so she could wear it to her work xmas party in Ohio this weekend.

Project night at Paige's last night, where I made decent progress on the current secret thing and petted her rug in progress.

Today it's snowing a lot and I have a very understanding boss ;-), so I'm going to snuggle under blankets, listen to a good book on tape with the kids, knit and melt glass and play games and do whatever else tickles my fancy. Given the way it looks outside my window right now, there just might be some xmas decorating and hot cocoa involved too. Posted by Picasa


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