Sunday, December 04, 2005

Spinning, singing, and Santa

This is a portion of the Nutmeg Spinners Guild meeting I attended yesterday. I brought along Leah's new wheel and my knitting. Browsed the vendors, talked with many nice folks, and was totally blown away by how many people were at this meeting! The speaker was Jackie Fee, author of The Sweater Workshop. It was so exciting to be among all these folks knitting socks (some were knitting other things, of course, but predominantly socks) and spinning gorgeous fibers while listening to Jackie's thoroughly engaging stories. I stuck with my knitting during the meeting so I wouldn't distract the spinners as I made my first laughable attempts with the wheel, but spent some time giving it a try when I brought it back to mom's for storage until xmas. I practiced for about an hour before I felt like I was beginning to get it, and it was intoxicating. Even Brenda and Zach gave it a try! I think Leah is going to love learning how to spin, and I suspect that Jesse will like it too.

Spent the evening at Spirit of the Season celebration at Old Sturbridge Village. This is one of our favorite places in the world and this event was truly magical. The whole village was decorated for the season and aglow with candlelight -- in lanterns along the paths, in homes where traditional activities were in progress, and even in the chandelier of the church. We brought along Bren, Dave, and Zach, as part of our Christmas gift to them. Enjoyed a barbershop chorale performance of xmas carols, a handbell group in the Center Meetinghouse, horse-drawn carriage ride around the village, nibbles of roasted chestnuts and sips of mulled cider, and a singalong in the Parsonage barn. Visited with Father Christmas and Santa, read about the evolution of Christmas traditions and symbols. We were warmed by campfires on the green and fires in the hearths of most of the homes as foods were prepared for a Christmas feast. The kids got to shake the jingle bells during caroling and even helped bring in wood for the fire at the home where they were making the desserts.

The first time we brought Zach to Old Sturbridge Village, he was a bit cynical and spent much of the time proclaiming the place "bor-ing." He slowly opened up to it, though, and has been willing to go back with us a few times over the years. Then, late in the evening yesterday, Bren asked Zach if he was cold or if he was ready to go home yet and he said, "No. I want to stay. I like it here!"

See? I told you it was magical. :-)


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