Thursday, December 01, 2005

I worked on a secret knitted something yesterday. Coming along beautifully and fun to do, but those chunky needles make my hands hurt.

I suggested to Leah that crocheted dishcloths would make nice gifts, since she's always wanting to give handmade gifties to folks she likes. Emphasis on handmade -- atta girl! So we bought some Sugar and Cream yarn. Didn't realize they had so many pretty color combos out! I'll show her how to do my quickie double-crochet-around-posts dishcloth pattern and she will be one happy little crocheting Goober.

Scott did some lampwork in the morning. Silver foil over ivory, with transparent turquoise and purple, pressed into large chunky lentils to be used as buttons on Brenda's coat. They're in the kiln now, but I'll post a picture after I sew them in place. The silver foil reflects the light beautifully and I think they'll look great against Bren's black wool coat.

Scott applied 3 coats of tung oil to Leah's new spinning wheel yesterday. One of the bobbins is damaged, so I'll have to get in touch with The Woolery about that, but I can't believe how quickly our order got here! Excellent service in that regard, so I don't expect any problems with getting a replacement bobbin. Posted by Picasa


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