Wednesday, October 28, 2009

past few days and more Stitches thoughts

Sunday couldn't have been more perfect for the last outdoor farmers' market of the season. Great Pumpkin Festival theme. Lots of great costumes and a steady stream of friends and customers at the booth. The bakery was completely sold out by the end of the day and Scott had baked a LOT.

While waiting in a pretty cemetery in between activities, Leah spotted a little fox trotting across the grass.

Free admission to the indoor water park! I climbed 24 flights of stairs to slide down those crazy tubes six times. I can't even imagine how many times the kids went down them. Yahoo!

Had another successful pizza party with the new oven yesterday. These are just for practice (and fun!), not for pay. Tweaking our set-up and process, getting to know the oven, and making some mighty yummy pizzas along the way.

Leah and I were talking about our day at Stitches. Decided that, for us, Stitches compares to sheep and wool festivals like grocery shopping at Sam's Club compares to buying veggies at the farmers' market. In other words, there's still good quality and good deals to be found, but it left us feeling a little empty, not refreshed and excited, like we are after a sheep and wool festival.

Also, we like our fiber festivals to be FESTIVE and, in our opinion, Stitches wasn't. I don't know if it was the convention center atmosphere or the rainy day or the ban on taking pictures (except of the Big Sock) or the people Stitches attracts, but the sense of it being a big happy celebration of wooly goodness was absent. Glad Stitches was so close to home this time so we could easily check it out, but we made the decision that the smaller festivals are a better fit for us.
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Blogger christinemm said...

Drooling over that pizza oven and its contents.

Wow about the fox and catching it in a photo.

Tell me more about this photo ban.

One thing I wished I did more last year at NY Sheep & Wool was take more photos of the yarns in the skein for inspiration.

I am so disappointed I didn't go to NY Sheep & Wool just for the inspiration part. I was planning to use my new DSLR camera to take better photos than last year's with the point & shoot.

I'd feel robbed if I couldn't take photos. Wonder what the logic was.

I try hard not to be intrusive with my camera and often take photos with the flash shut off even though some shots don't come out as good in the end due to blur.

12:39 PM  
Blogger Donna said...

You have no idea how much I want some of that pizza!

Stitches was different. Bad - not as much fiber/spinning items as with sheep & wool fairs. No pictures was a big poo poo for me. We zipped in and out of there in a few hours. Probably as many vendors there as a sheep & wool, if not more - but we got down to business and left.

Good - weather was not a factor. There is a huge assortment of classes (which we didn't take because we didn't know we were going till the last minute). Lots of project ideas.

I left Stitches feeling inspired to knit. I leave the Sheep/Wool Fairs inspired to spin. Guess its a good thing most of the fiber fairs come before Stitches!

8:03 PM  
Anonymous Weaver said...

I wish we had met up at Stitches, in the one oasis of warmth and meaning that surrounded the World's Largest Sock.

Your farmers' market analogy was very good. I couldn't quite articulate the difference in my blog, but I think you captured it perfectly.

9:24 AM  
Blogger Christina said...

I've only been to a couple wool fests (CA Sheep & Fiber Fest and OFFF in OR) and several Stitches West events. I'd agree -- much warmer feeling at the fiber fests. Am looking forward to OFFF again in 2010, especially now that I've started spinning.

2:35 AM  

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