Monday, August 17, 2009


Yesterday was a hot and humid scorcher of a day, but a pleasant one nonetheless. From the relative coolness of the bakery's shade tent beneath a big tree, Scott was jazzed, as usual, by the bakery's many friendly customers.

While Leah served the Nathan Hale Homestead's iced tea and baked goods, and collected the admission price for the Hugh Blumenfeld concert, I chatted with knitterfriends gathered in a shady grove.

Jesse was picked up by friend who took him for a rollicking time of tubing behind their speed boat on the lake. While exploring the bottom of the lake later, he found a pair of prescription glasses that just happened to have been lost by his friend earlier this summer and for which the friend's family was offering a reward, so good vibes all around! When back at the market later, he and the ice cream guy picked up their ongoing rocketry conversation, as the ice cream guy is a fellow rocket enthusiast.

We broke down the bakery booth in record time and were home to refresh and enjoy the jump in Glastonbury Glassworks Etsy store traffic, courtesy of Twist Collective, then Leah and I were off to western MA for a performance by the Sound of New England, an award-winning Sweet Adelines chorus with whom she has gotten involved.
This is only about 2/3 of the group and not a very good pic because of my obstructed view, but it might give a sense of the energy of these shows. They're planning to start a Young Women in Harmony group this fall, but until that takes shape, they have welcomed Leah to take part in their rehearsals. She hasn't been with them for more than a few practices so far, but she and some of the other kids (mostly daughters of members) joined the group on stage for some of the songs last night. Singing + choreographed moves = great fun and big smiles!

Thus ends a run of busy-ness, the likes of which we have never seen before and didn't think we'd survive, with a few extra surprises thrown in for good measure. Not like there's hibernation and infinite chill time to come now, but there will be breathing room and something resembling normalcy, or our version of "normal," at least. ;-)
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nice times!! lol about the glasses!

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