Sunday, May 24, 2009

in our element

Yesterday was one of those days that just felt soooo right. We were all doing something we love, with people whose company we enjoy, in places that make us feel good. Scott and Jesse headed out for the rocket club's launch day, where there were cub scouts, rocket drag races, admirable creations, friends, and ideas flowing freely. They were there for the set-up and stayed to help with packing away the club's launch equipment. They came home tired and elated, with plans for the next rockets they'll build, and the next, and the next...

Meanwhile, Leah and I stopped at my mom's for a minute in the morning to retrieve our blocking wires, which mom recently put to good use in blocking her Bluebell sweater!
Turned out great, and such a pretty color. She had planned to use a glass button from a certain someone to finish it off, but decided she'd most often wear it open, jacket style, so buttonless it'll remain. Beautiful as is!
Close-up to show the cuff and edging detail.
Just enough detail to make it interesting,
while still remaining a fairly simple sweater to knit.

Leah and I headed to Old Sturbridge Village for their Wool Days. She was, of course, decked out 1840s style, so she could do her unofficial volunteer role. (We've tried to volunteer officially, but we get shot down because of her age, so she dresses up anyway, settles in somewhere, and if somebody happens to ask her a question, she answers it. My little subversive historical re-enactor. :-)

Additions to this season's ensemble include a hand crocheted lace doily, possibly made by her great grandma, worn around her neck and tucked into her bodice. While I was working one day this week, she drew the pattern for this bodice freehand from something she saw on a website, cut the pieces from the remnants of an old duvet cover in our fabric stash, and sewed the whole thing by hand, tiny stitch by tiny stitch. It is as primitive as you might imagine, but it fits and it works, so she wore it with great pride! Here, she's knitting a sock while raw wool is being scoured in the background, in prep for making some of their naturally dyed yarns.

The friends we planned to go with couldn't make it, but we ran into other friends while there and spent portions of the day with them, so there was a nice mix of chatting and quiet time. Leah also toodled off to do her own thing for chunks of time, so I settled in on a bench for some knitting on this picture perfect day. Just me, my rooster friend, and the occasional stagecoach rolling by.
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Anonymous CTJen said...

you lead an awesome life. :-)

6:34 AM  
Blogger amy said...

I'm so surprised about the volunteer thing! Children can go into Plimoth (at least they could last I knew) as long as they have a "sponsor," someone who works there. Sturbridge has no such program? What a loss for them. It's so much more true to life when all segments of the population are represented.

I can remember visiting Plimoth as a kid and asking where all the children were. "Out in the fields" or "off playing," they said. So much better to see actual children!!

9:00 AM  
Anonymous AnnieM - The WoolWytch said...

Oh this looks awesome. We look forward to seeing you there tomorrow - and I think your little Leah will be a great role-model for the Diva.

10:38 AM  
Blogger LaurieM said...

Your whole family is so talented. I'm impressed all to heck.

Mom's sweater is just grand. It looks very elegant on her. My compliments to her.

11:17 AM  
Blogger thinggtwoo said...

I hope we can make it tomorrow, too - What time were you hoping to arrive there?

I just keep hoping B will get interested in knitting...or weaving...or spinning. Sigh!

12:50 PM  
Blogger Rebecca Z. said...

I worked at Plilmoth Plantation many years ago, and we had many young folk about; sponsored, as Amy says.

If that's not done anymore, we can chock another loss up to our horrific need to insure everything, sucking too much joy out of the world in the process of making things safe.

Such a lovely day, thank you for sharing it.

My sweetie just returned from a trip to German with (drum roll, please) a bag of yarn! He searched Berlin for a yarn shop to bring me home a gift! We've been together for like 33 years, but I'm still so in love.

And the best part is that he's home, and there will once again be live music filling the house.

4:53 PM  
Blogger christinemm said...

Love to hear of your good vibes.

And the subversive re-enactor comment made me literally LOL.

Glad to hear you are having a great time.

7:11 PM  

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