Tuesday, December 16, 2008

in between the secret stuff

We have a supercool xmas gift in progress around here, but I can't talk about that. And there are a bunch of things recently finished, but I can't talk about them either. And a few things that aren't gifts, but I don't have pics, so I can't really talk about them. And beads/stitch markers galore coming out of the glass studio, but they haven't gone through their Etsy process yet, so no point in saying much about them. Let's just say we always make a lot of things around here, but lately we're making stuff in overdrive!

Until I can spill the beans, here are some projects I can share. First is a tippet Leah knit for herself. One of the costumed interpreters at Old Sturbridge Village was knitting a wedge for one this summer, told Leah the recipe, and the girl set out to make her own. She plans to someday add a knitted or crocheted decorative edge, but for now, it serves its purpose when she wants just a bit more warmth or fancies herself transported in time to the 1840s...

Where she just might be invited to join in a social dance with live music, in the parsonage barn at Old Sturbridge Village. Yet another wonderful evening spent there for Christmas By Candlelight last weekend. Full moon, roaring bonfire, horse-drawn carriage ride, holiday music performed by a Celtic group, mulled cider...peaceful and beautiful and festive. Ahhh. Noticing that the four members of my family were wearing a total of something like a dozen handknit items to keep us cozy on that chilly night certainly warmed this knitter's heart.
When the kids both had friends over a couple of weeks ago, Leah's pal was wearing legwarmers. Next thing I know, a certain somebody's digging around in our yarn, pulls out a bunch of leftovers, and sets to work making this stripey cheerful set. Destined for one of her friends who doesn't read this blog. :-)
My work is finally at a mellow pace again and I'm enjoying the breather immensely. Scott requested a simple pair of mittens, so I've taken to working on them while doing online reading, waiting for files to download, being on hold on the phone, etc. I'm practicing my knitting-without-looking, definitely getting more comfortable with that, and astounded to have nearly finished a pair of mittens over the past few days, mostly knit during those little wait times.
I have some Viking knitting to show you too. Did some at craft night last week and one of my friends gave it at try at craft night yesterday, with equal enthusiasm about the results.

I'm also expecting to finish the first Sylvi sleeve while we're out with knitting friends (a mom and her two knitting daughters) and aquaintances this evening.

Oh, and Edelweiss mittens, complete!

Yes, yes, yes, Makestuff Overdrive, happily so! More to come, for sure.
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Blogger amy said...

I'm in one of those resting phases. I can't create much because I just finished creating a person not that long ago ;) but I can feel the creative juices just stewing and mulling. Once I get some time back, watch out!!

Reading your blog is like reading my future. Some day we, too, will do things like the Sturbridge Christmas event. Mystic Seaport does something similar, and when my kids are older...

7:06 PM  
Blogger Donna said...

Sturbridge looked like it was fun!

I am trying to master the "knitting without looking" myself. I'm OK as long as we're just doing some plain ole' knittin!

8:20 AM  

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