Friday, May 25, 2007

critterknitter, part 3

Sheesh. Remember last week, when I said we get a bit of wildlife here on our teensy patch of land, less than a mile from the business center of a 35,000-person town? First it was Bambi; then Winken, Blinken, and Nod; and today we had another encounter with this none too friendly guy.
Shovel included for scale

We've run into this dude before and I even mentioned him in a blog post last October, in the paragraph below the pic of Jesse soldering stained glass stars. I don't know if he's gotten any bigger, but he definitely hasn't become any prettier and his attitude is just as grumpy as ever. Since that curb he's on is at the edge of a fairly busy intersection, we can only assume that his primary care physician has not prescribed him the proper medication to date and he remains suicidal as well as belligerent. Scott bravely picked Sir Grumperino up on a strong, long-handled shovel and gave him a lift back toward the ravine across the street from us, where we presume he belongs, in hopes that he will find a happy place and it'll take him another six months to climb the hill and ponder venturing onto the asphalt to become a turtle pancake...with attitude.
Just so the knitterly aspect of this blog isn't totally hijacked by the critters, here I present a pair of socks knit for my mom for Mother's Day. She only received one on Mother's Day, but I knit most of the other one on the ride home from Pittsburgh. They're my usual toe-up, Widdershins gusset, mindless 2x2 ribbed socks in Cherry Tree Hill squishy soft yarn, received by me as a birthday gift from...can you guess? mom! Isn't it fun how things go 'round like that?

Today I will watch for the flock of turkeys from the woods or perhaps the fox who nests in the neighbor's slope, or maybe I'll actually get some work accomplished. Y'think?
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Blogger Lorraine said...

We live near a turtle crossing. Those snappers get vicious when you're only trying to help. Love the socks, too. I keep getting caught up with new and futzy patterns but need some simple ribbed socks for my own use.

1:34 PM  

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