Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Welcome to the Spinlab

Here you see our Chief Spin Tech experimenting with assorted Ashford wheel components in an attempt to prove the hypothesis that the flyer of Audrey's Joy (center wheel above -- the very cool, very compact, foldable one) sustained an injury recently. We figured parts is parts, so we'd be able to take the flyers and bearing thingamabobs off our wheels to help figure out exactly what the problem is. It took a little finagling because each of these wheels has a different configuration with slightly different features. I reviewed the lab results for confirmation of the study's validity and concurred with Chief Spin Tech's conclusion that the bearing thingamabob is fine, but the flyer's a little wonky. (Yes, we employ official technical terminology here at Spinlab.) Chief Spin Tech ran some further tests on the Joy to assess effect of wonkiness on subject's activities of daily living. Preliminary results indicate that the subject has only a minimal loss of function and does not meet criteria for disability. In other words, the Joy still spins like a dream and draws onto the bobbin fine.

In other glassy and fibery news:
- Knit nite at Pixie Sticks on Friday was fun, as always.
- Scott had a great time at the Glass Bead Extravaganza on Saturday, sold much of his work (but came home with what I think are some of his best sets -- go figure), and came home jazzed about the compliments he received and many new techniques he'd like to try.
- An excellent visit to the Quadrangle on Saturday (complete with private tour of observatory and long discussion with astronomers) was capped off by a stop at Webs.
- The body of my Philosopher's Wool sweater is finished and ready for me to cut the steeks!

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Anonymous Audrey said...

Chief Spin Tech, you're my hero! Many thanks for your time and effort in diagnosing Joy.

1:04 PM  

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