Monday, February 06, 2006

fans of the Fiber Bowl

In anticipation of all the Super Bowl hoopla which would reach fever pitch yesterday, Webs hosted a fiber festival of grand proportions. There were complimentary snacks and drinks, frequent drawings for giveaways, demonstrations, and oh, the yarn! Knitters gathered throughout the store, chatting and working on their projects, sharing techniques with each other. Leah delighted in the freedom of doing her own thing with the spinners toward the back of the store. Paige chose supplies for 2 luscious sweaters. I settled in at the front of the store and just loved being surrounded by all these knitters and the fibery goodness. I kept smiling when I thought of the gift of my very own Boye Needlemaster set, received earlier in the day. I can't wait to try these needles out and love knowing that I'll have whatever size I need for future projects, all tucked neatly in their handy dandy compact carrying case!

Upon arriving home, Scott proudly showed me his 2 full bobbins of handspun yarn. He's so totally hooked! I told him they have lots of pretty, variegated spinning fibers at Webs and he asked how much we'd need for a sweater. heh heh...

Super Bowl celebration was fun and varied too. Jesse had been refining his atlatl earlier in the day and was especially thrilled to show the workings of his steam engine to all and talk about internal combustion engines with Tommy. All 4 of us were decked out in our black and gold, including my stash of Steelers pins from the 70s and all our shirts with Steelers logos on them. We had a great time watching the game and schmoozing with our hosts, came home totally tired and fantastically satisfied.

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Anonymous Audrey said...

Looks like you've been up to some fun stuff! Also looks like Scott has a habit - you start something, and he likes it so much he then does it! How neat that he's spinning now....perfect excuse to get yet another wheel - his/hers, right? (evil grin)

Fiber Bowl looked like tons of fun, and I'm looking forward to April's meeting of the guild!

10:31 AM  

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