Sunday, April 26, 2009

that was a blast

While our guys enjoyed a launch day of Jesse's rocketry club in the morning,
Leah and I were also having a blast (heh heh), at CT Sheep and Wool. Those silly little glass sheepies were a big hit!

Since we were there as vendors, you'd think that was our top priority for the day, and selling stuff was indeed a pleasant part of our time there, but I found once again that the best part was the all the fiber people. Such a wonderful steady stream of folks we know and new friends who introduced themselves to us throughout the day. Leah had an equally great time demonstrating the 2-color, 2-handed, tangle-free knitting technique that she uses for her stranded projects.

Wanna know one of my favorite moments? Finding a $100 bill that a customer gave me, both of us mistaking it for a $10, and being able to return it to her!

The guys joined us at CT S&W in the early afternoon, so I was able to get to the Ravelry meet-up and wander with friends. Lucia showed me how to do brioche stitch, which I know is not difficult but I wasn't able to do the last time I tried. After browsing the booths with Audrey, getting some dyeing input from Jan (and drooling over his beautiful yarns), and running into so many people along the way, I came home with some glorious deep teal alpaca/merino/silk from our friends at Dye Dreams and three pounds of free alpaca roving that we can't wait to spin up.

After all that fresh air and sunshine, we all hit the sack early. I'm hoping to finish my Taize scarf during Leah's chorus rehearsal this afternoon and we're all looking forward to seeing Phantom of the Opera tonight.
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Anonymous CTJen said...

Yay Sheep and Wool!!!

7:48 AM  
Blogger Rani said...

How was Phantom? That's a good one!

What a load of fun you've been having!

8:40 AM  
Blogger Donna said...

I'm wearing my little glass sheep and I LOVE them...... Got lots of compliments on them already. I can't wait to give my Goddaughter her piggy earrings for graduation.

10:10 AM  

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