Sunday, February 12, 2006

Men at work

The men in this house were hard at work with the sanders yesterday. Jesse was in charge of changing the sanding belts for different grits and using the edger. Once they got to a finer grade of sandpaper for the big sander, he was even allowed to give that a try. He was so proud to take control of this loud, powerful machine and to show off his finely sanded floor areas. As always, he delights in being able to take part in real work with Scott.

The snowflakes in the picture are actually wood dust, which has now settled on every horizontal space in the house. We camped on the first floor last night, with a few upstairs windows open for ventilation, while the first coat of polyurethane dried. Ooh, shiny!

Today's snowstorm is not one of wood particles, but actual snow. Luckily, we have good books on CD to enjoy together, a popcorn stash at the ready, and I'm ready to cast on the second sleeve of my sweater. Let it snow! Posted by Picasa


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