Friday, February 10, 2006

Danger, Will Robinson!

We have been further sucked into the home renovations vortex. The most recent black hole started with renovation of the first floor bathroom. That's basically done, but we're short a couple of trim pieces. Since we want those to match the original chestnut trim elsewhere on the first floor, we pulled some off the upstairs hallway doors. And since the upstairs hallway still had plaster and lath, we tore that all down, insulated and sheetrocked. And since the hall will need to be painted, we might as well paint the connecting big open upstairs rooms (the color of which was never quite right anyway). And since we're going to paint, we should probably refinish the floors, since they're long overdue. And so on. Ginnie, Claire, and Joni, I see you out there, nodding and smiling in full understanding.

Yesterday was a flurry of moving-like maneuvers. Most of the second floor has been emptied (ooch, my aching bod) and I'm now coming to you from a temporary office setup in the glass room. Yes, I quite like my 3 foot wide desk! While we were roller skating with Zach, Casey, Harris, and Riley last night, Scott punched all the nail heads down into the floor so they won't tear up the sander sheets. I'll work this morning and then we'll bring the sander home and get to work on spiffing up the floors. We hope to have the first coat of polyurethane on tonight and will camp on the first floor for a couple of days while the multiple coats of polyurethane dry. We're hoping for a big snowstorm too. The spinning wheels, Legos, books on CD, and a big basket of yarn have already been moved to the first floor in preparation for being cut off from our bedrooms and the yarn closet. No clothes, toothbrushes, or towels are downstairs yet, but the truly important stuff is available. At least everyone here has their priorities straight. :-)

If you don't hear from us over the next few days, it's likely because we've inhaled polyurethane fumes for too long and are looking somewhat like the dude above. Or maybe it's because we went to Jen's 359th annual bonfire bash and are looking somewhat like the dude above. Either way, it's not just a life; it's an adventure! Posted by Picasa


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