Sunday, March 05, 2006

Saturday spin-out

Yesterday marked the end of something very special. It was the last Saturday spin-in to be hosted by Adams Farm. We’ve been to about six of these events since the beginning of our spinning adventure back in December and have loved every second we’ve spent there. The ride up is even enjoyable, once we get past Springfield, although it does get a little dangerous at about exit 18, where Webs is, since our car mysteriously pulls in that direction and causes us to veer off the highway at that point. A little yarn-fortified tune-up (yesterday’s in the form of Silky Wool and Misti Alpaca) and we’re able to continue northward.

Yesterday’s ride was enhanced by a Narnia book on tape. Jesse was especially looking forward to playing with his favorite feather-footed chickens and milking the goats again. Scott was tickled by the response to his Autumn Maples yarn and Leah was equally happy to show off her Purple Cloud handspun (above). The workshop was on how to spin chunky yarns, but segued into different plying techniques, dehairing fibers, upcoming spinning events elsewhere, and drawing from the fold.

Leah got a kick out of seeing her Spindlicity article, in full color, posted on the wall of the fiber area (to the right of the Dionis dyes). As always, we delighted in Elizabeth’s enthusiasm, knowledge, and support. We’ll miss her and Jenna, and spin-in regulars Cindy and Sue too, but will look forward to crossing paths with them all again!


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